Terms and Conditions

Our menu is designed for private aviation. Our Company is proud to offer dishes of highest quality.


  1. If there is no special written agreement between the customer and Gast Maison Ltd., Only the general conditions hereunder are applied to the exclusion of any other Contract rules.
  2. Gast Maison Ltd. will produce meals, as confirmed with each agreed menu. The choice of dishes and Services are not limited to those offered on the printed menu. Gast Maison Ltd. would Happily adapt to your requests and provide a personalized service. We respect and can cater for all religious and dietary needs. If there is a specific recipe that your passenger requests, please contact our duty manager directly to make arrangements.
  3. Any special request of meal should be communicated to Gast Maison Ltd 24 hours Before scheduled departure of the aircraft. In case of orders submitted less than 6 hours before scheduled departure of the aircraft, some items might be unavailable.
  4. The customer agrees to pay Gast Maison Ltd for all its services conforming to the prices mentioned on the VIP menu.
  5. Gast Maison Ltd guarantees to be in accordance with all local food safety and hygiene rules, as per local UK guidelines and inspections.
  6. Gast Maison Ltd will use all equipment delivered by the customer needed for the catering, if the customer requests this. Gast Maison Ltd. shall take on its discretion to provide its own items if, without its fault, the customer has not delivered to Gast Maison Ltd. the requested items. These items could incur an additional charge if the remit is outside our standard packaging. Our prices are written on the menu and states in GBP currency. Unless otherwise stated, all menu items are per person, to assist in accuracy in ordering.
  7. The customer will inform Gast Maison Ltd immediately of any complaints from a passenger, and Gast Maison Ltd has to settle the matter within 5 days from Initial request, in order to allow a prompt and complete solution.
  8. Gast Maison Ltd will update our menu seasonally, to ensure we are providing the best quality food, from the best products. If there is something from a previous menu that you would prefer, please just let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  9. Gast Maison Ltd accepts the liabilities for any damage as a result of passengers and/or crew members consuming food supplied by Gast Maison Ltd except if Gast Maison Ltd can deliver the prove that its failure in service is not its fault or negligence. We take great care in ensuring all of our fresh food is kept is the safe temperatures of heath and safety guidelines, even during transport. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all food is properly stored and heated, once delivered to aircraft.

Invoicing & prices of handling

  1. All prices are in GBP for the UK.
  2. Any late order is subject to an emergency order charge. This emergency charge applies with an order given less than 6 hours prior to loading time to the aircraft and will be of 20% of the total of the bill.
  3. We offer a personal shopping service, which is £15.00 per an hour. We will Endeavour to keep this cost to a minimum for our customer, by preparing orders in advance. If there are any parking costs, these will be an additional fee, as per extra charges.

Payment conditions

  1. Gast Maison Ltd will calculate the pricing of all catering and caterer products as well as the services rendered in the following currency: GBP for the UK
  2. Payment by the customer will be undertaken in the currency of the billing.
  3. Payments must be undertaken within 30 days from the reception of the invoice, if a contract has been agreed with the customer or their managing company. If not contract has been agreed; payment must be made in advance by pay pal − which accepts all major credit cards. The pay pal link can be found on our website at www.gastmaison.com For each reminder, an amount of GBP 50.00 and an interest of 5% will be charged additionally to the previous amount of the invoice.

Cancellation policy & orders and delivery

  1. Meal orders
    1. The meal order should be submitted by fax or e-mail 24 hours before departing scheduled time of the aircraft. Only the orders confirmed by fax or email by Gast Maison Ltd are considered as binding Gast Maison Ltd
    2. To Gast Maison Ltd to serve the customer better, orders should include the following information:
      - Arrival date of the aircraft
      - Departure date of the aircraft
      - The desired preparation or delivery time
      - Type of aircraft
      - Registration number
      - Expected destination
      - Name of the contact person
      - Contact telephone and email
    For convenience we have made and order sheet to fill in that can be faxed or emailed to us. It was designed by a former chief flight attendant, for easy and convenience.
  2. Last Minute Orders
    Gast Maison Ltd will do its best to provide the last minute orders, but is allowed to propose substitute products or items instead of those ordered in case of non-availability. Any late order is subject to an emergency order charge as mentioned in clause
  3. Cancellation policy
    In the event of a total or partial cancellation on the day of departure, the orders will be Charged as follows:
    - Before 24 hours: free of charge
    - Between 24 hours and 12 hours: 75%
    - Between 12 hours and 0 hours: 100%
    - If order is cancelled on board: 100% plus delivery.

Flight statement

Gast Maison Ltd will issue an individual flight statement of the amount of meals loaded. These statements will be signed by the customer's representative on board of the aircraft or the assigned handling responsible for the flight.